Vedic Math Learning 17

Vedic Math Learning 17


Unlock the ancient secrets of Vedic Math’s with our comprehensive learning books.

Designed to make mathematics engaging and accessible for children, each book is a step towards mathematical mastery, blending time-honored techniques with modern educational methods.

Get ready to unlock the awe-inspiring world of calculus with the Color Pencil Level 17 Learning Book: Mastering the Power of Calculus!

This comprehensive guide lays the foundation for advanced mathematical studies by introducing the fascinating concepts of limits, derivatives, and integrals.

Witness the power of calculus to analyze change, solve complex problems, and gain deeper insights into the world around you.

Type of product: Learning Book
Grade: 5
: W 220 mm * L 286 mm
Weight: 350 grams
Pages: 90
Genre: Math
Language: English
Age Group: 10 – 11

Limit Lift off:
Explore the concept of limits, understanding their intuitive meaning and rigorous definition. Learn to evaluate limits algebraically and graphically, unlocking the doors to understanding change.

Derivative Dynamos:
Delve into the power of derivatives, mastering their definition as instantaneous rates of change and exploring their applications in solving optimization problems, analyzing motion, and understanding relationships between variables.

Integral Immersion:
Discover the magic of integration, learning to reverse the process of differentiation and calculate areas, volumes, and other quantities under curves. Explore applications in physics, engineering, and economics.

Function Frenzy:
Master the manipulation of functions, understanding their properties, operations, and representations (graphs, equations, tables). Explore diverse function types like polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic, applying them in calculus problems.

Connections and Applications:
Witness how calculus connects to other branches of mathematics like algebra, geometry, and probability. Discover its applications in diverse fields like physics (describing motion),engineering (optimizing designs), and economics (analyzing trends).

What topics does Level 17 cover to extend beyond calculus?
It explores advanced topics such as vector calculus, complex analysis, and introductory topics in topology and set theory, pushing the boundaries of high school mathematics.
By introducing advanced mathematical concepts and encouraging critical thinking, it lays the groundwork for academic research and advanced studies in mathematics.
Its engaging approach and incremental challenge levels are designed to build understanding and confidence in learners at different skill levels.
Vedic Math introduces children to mental calculation techniques early on, fostering faster, more intuitive number manipulation.
The book is designed for easy parent-child collaboration, with clear explanations and engaging activities that make learning together a breeze.
Absolutely. While introducing unique approaches, it covers foundational concepts that complement standard curricula.
Our book offers depth in foundational topics, presenting challenges that will keep even advanced learners engaged and growing.
By making learning engaging and relevant, it helps reduce anxiety, turning challenges into enjoyable puzzles.

Vedic Math

Vedic Math | Color Pencil

Achieve Math Excellence: Elevate Learning to New Heights

Designed for the young learner, this book is your key to unlocking a world where numbers tell stories, and math is a canvas for creativity.

Color Pencil

Exploring Vector Calculus

Dive into vector fields, gradients, and flux, essential concepts for physics and engineering.

Vedic Math by Color Pencil

Complex Analysis

Uncover the beauty and applications of complex analysis, opening doors to new mathematical landscapes.

Vedic Math Multiplication

Introduction to Topology

Get a taste of topology, the study of spatial properties and relationships, challenging perceptions of space and form.

Vedic Math For Kids by Color Pencil

Mathematical Excellence

Build an exceptional foundation for further mathematical exploration, setting the stage for success in advanced studies and research.

Revolutionizing Math Education: Color Pencil’s Approach

Vedic Math Level 17

The Ancient Meets the Modern

ColorPencil merges the timeless wisdom of Vedic Maths with contemporary educational techniques, offering a unique learning tool that caters to the digital age. Our books are more than just textbooks; they’re gateways to a world where math is fun, engaging, and profoundly educational.

Why Vedic Maths is Essential?

By incorporating Vedic Maths into our learning materials, we’re not just teaching math; we’re fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the subject. In today’s fast-paced world, giving your child the tools to excel in mathematics is not just beneficial; it’s essential. With ColorPencil, your child won’t just learn; they’ll thrive.

mathematics… an adventure!

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