GoColor Flash Cards – Creative & Educational Play for Toddlers

GoColor Flash Cards – Creative & Educational Play for Toddlers


Splash into Colorful Fun and Smart Play, Captivating Young Minds for Hours of Engaging Imagination through Strategic Game Play!

GoColor introduces children to a spectrum of colors, turning each card into an opportunity for imaginative play and learning.

Each card invites your child to express themselves, blending art with education in every game.

Engage your little ones in games that sharpen their minds and color recognition, fostering strategic thinking along the way.

Weight: 68 grams
: 64 x 89 x 12mm
Language: English
Age Group: 3.5 years +
No. of crads
: Set of 34 Cards
Type of Products: Cards

Simple Rules, Endless Fun!

Ask and Match:
Dive into a colorful quest where players take turns to request cards from their peers. The goal? To complete vibrant “houses” filled with matching colors and patterns.

Go Color!
Hit a snag in your matching spree? Just declare “Go Color!” and draw from the deck. This keeps the vibrant journey moving and the excitement alive.

Collect and Win:
As the game progresses, watch your collection of “houses” grow. The ultimate goal? To have the most completed sets when the deck runs dry, crowning you the color champion of the game!

Who is GoColor for?

Ideal for children aged 5 to 8, perfect for budding artists and young strategists eager to explore the world of colors.

Through color matching and creative tasks, children develop color recognition, strategic thinking, and artistic skills.

It enhances visual learning, encourages self-expression, and improves decision-making and memory through engaging play.

The GoColor set includes 34 engaging cards, featuring unique designs to inspire creativity, plus clear instructions for endless fun.

Dive into the How to Play section for simple, fun games that blend artistry with strategic gameplay.

Yes! It supports early cognitive development, including problem-solving and fine motor skills, preparing children for academic success.

Absolutely! It’s designed for both individual and group play, making it a great choice for family game nights, classroom activities, or playdates.


Colorful Minds Bloom Here

Color Recognition

Navigate through hues and shades, reinforcing visual learning and attention to detail.

Express Creatively

Each card is a canvas, inviting unique interpretations and boosting confidence in self-expression.

Strategic Gameplay

Cultivate decision-making and problem-solving skills with fun, strategic card matches.

Memory and Concentration

Enhance focus and recall abilities through playful, engaging card sets and matches.

where every card turn is a step towards learning, creativity, and fun!

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I've been genuinely impressed with the quality of these educational products! They strike the perfect balance between learning and fun, capturing the kids' attention in such a delightful way. It's not every day you come across educational tools that kids actually look forward to using.


My nephew loves these! I bought two products: GoColor Flash Cards and Fruitable. For Flash cards, I'll say it's been great in keeping my nephew engaged. My nephew is very active and notorious, and even though we have tried different kinds of toys and video learning methods to keep him engaged in one activity.

Shubham Singh

Absolutely love this brand!! I bought these cards when I was looking to buy a gift for my newphew who is 2.5 years old. When I came across these cards, I knew this was the perfect gift. The set had 2 bundles that helped us teach him alphabet and numbers!

Himanshi Sharma

The product Fruitables and GoColor seem very positive, highlighting their effectiveness in making learning fun for kids. Fruitables offers a creative way to learn alphabets through fruit and vegetable names, while GoColor helps kids learn numerical sequences through card games.


Fun and Educational Playing Cards for Kids! Highly recommend I recently purchased the Fruitable and Go Color Bundle Playing Cards for my kids, and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed! The Fruitable cards are a delightful way for children to learn about alphabets along with various fruits and vegetables.

Esther Kumar

My Kids enjoy & loves it Colorful and Engaging Packaging: The packaging of product is colorful, and visually appealing to attract young children. It should also include fun characters or themes that resonate with kids.

Neena Kaundal

Fruitables & GoColor Bundle


(3 customer review)

Dive into a dual adventure of colors and nutrition with the GoColor & Fruitables Bundle! This exclusive combo pack is a treasure trove for little artists and curious minds, blending vibrant creativity with educational fun.