Savor the Alphabet in Every Bite!
Engage your child’s senses and intellect with hours of nutritious fruits, vegetables and alphabet-learning fun.

Explore the alphabet through vibrant fruits and veggies on each card, making ABC learning a joyous adventure.

Beyond alphabets, Fruitables fosters healthy eating habits with every playful card match, introducing a world of nutritious choices.

Engage in delightful matching games that enhance memory, helping kids quickly recall their favourite fruits and vegetables.

Types of Product: Cards
No, of Cards
: Set of 26 Cards
Age Group: 1.5 years +
Language: English
: 64 x 89 x 12mm
Weight: 62 grams

How to Play Fruitables:
A Delicious Learning Adventure

Set the Table:
Spread the cards out to start your culinary quest with your eager little learners.

Find the Pairs:
Take turns uncovering cards to match letters with their delicious fruit or vegetable counterparts.

Savour the Knowledge:
Share fun facts about each match to enrich the learning feast.

Raise the Stakes:
Introduce friendly competition by timing matches or challenging memory recall of the tasty treats.

Taste the Joy of Learning!

Extra Slice:
Blend playtime and snack time by creating healthy treats from the fruits and veggies discovered during the game. It’s a flavorful way to enhance the learning experience!|

Who is Fruitables for?

Ideal for children aged 5 to 8, perfect for early learners eager to explore the alphabet and healthy eating habits.

Through interactive play, children associate letters with fruits and vegetables, enhancing memory and recognition.

It fosters alphabet familiarity, nutritional awareness, and cognitive development, including memory and concentration skills.

A set of 26 beautifully illustrated cards in a compact and portable format for easy play anywhere.

Simply follow the How to Play section for various fun games that promote learning through play.

Absolutely! Fruitables enhance early literacy and prepare your child for a smooth transition to school learning environments.

Yes, it’s designed for solo or group play, making it perfect for playdates, family time, or classroom interaction.


Discover the Joyful Learning with Fruitables

Engaging Alphabet Discovery

Each card creatively pairs a letter with a fruit or vegetable, making alphabet learning a visual and tasty treat.

Nutritional Awareness

Introduces a variety of fruits and veggies, encouraging healthy eating habits through familiarization and fun facts.

Memory Enhancement

Memory and matching games within Fruitables boost cognitive development and concentration in young learners.

Social Interaction

Playing together, children develop communication skills and learn the value of taking turns and teamwork.

Where Playtime Meets Adventure in Every Card!

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I've been genuinely impressed with the quality of these educational products! They strike the perfect balance between learning and fun, capturing the kids' attention in such a delightful way. It's not every day you come across educational tools that kids actually look forward to using.


My nephew loves these! I bought two products: GoColor Flash Cards and Fruitable. For Flash cards, I'll say it's been great in keeping my nephew engaged. My nephew is very active and notorious, and even though we have tried different kinds of toys and video learning methods to keep him engaged in one activity.

Shubham Singh

Absolutely love this brand!! I bought these cards when I was looking to buy a gift for my newphew who is 2.5 years old. When I came across these cards, I knew this was the perfect gift. The set had 2 bundles that helped us teach him alphabet and numbers!

Himanshi Sharma

The product Fruitables and GoColor seem very positive, highlighting their effectiveness in making learning fun for kids. Fruitables offers a creative way to learn alphabets through fruit and vegetable names, while GoColor helps kids learn numerical sequences through card games.


Fun and Educational Playing Cards for Kids! Highly recommend I recently purchased the Fruitable and Go Color Bundle Playing Cards for my kids, and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed! The Fruitable cards are a delightful way for children to learn about alphabets along with various fruits and vegetables.

Esther Kumar

My Kids enjoy & loves it Colorful and Engaging Packaging: The packaging of product is colorful, and visually appealing to attract young children. It should also include fun characters or themes that resonate with kids.

Neena Kaundal

Fruitables & GoColor Bundle


Dive into a dual adventure of colors and nutrition with the GoColor & Fruitables Bundle! This exclusive combo pack is a treasure trove for little artists and curious minds, blending vibrant creativity with educational fun.