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Fruitables &


Dive into a dual adventure of colors and nutrition with the GoColor & Fruitables Bundle!
This exclusive combo pack is a treasure trove for little artists and curious minds, blending vibrant creativity with educational fun.

Dive into the ultimate creative and educational experience with everything your child needs to explore, learn, and grow.

Type of Product 
: Card Combo Pack
No. of crads
: 60 cards (34 GoColor Cards + 26 Fruitables Cards)
Age Group: 1.5 years +
Language: English
No. of crads
: 21 x 24 x 32mm (packaging)
: 62 grams (combined)

GoColor & Fruitables Combo:
A Blend of Creativity and Learning

Go Color!
Engage in color quests with “Ask and Match” to build “houses” of colors and patterns. Shout “Go Color!” for more drawing fun, aiming to collect the most “houses.”

Discover and match colorful fruits and veggies to their corresponding alphabets, enhancing memory and nutritional knowledge.

What age is this bundle for?
Ideal for kids aged 5 to 8, perfect for sparking creativity and foundational learning.
Absolutely! Mix and match cards for new challenges, enhancing both creativity and learning.
It fosters color recognition, artistic expression, alphabet learning, and nutritional awareness.
Fine motor, strategic thinking, memory, and healthy eating habits.
Yes, it’s designed for fun learning in groups, be it family or friends.
Use Fruitables to discuss the importance of fruits and veggies during match games.
Beyond games, engage in art projects or creative storytelling with the cards.

Make Every Playtime a Learning Adventure!

Colorful Imagination

Go Color cards stimulate artistic skills and color identification, igniting creative thinking in young minds.

Alphabet and Healthy Eating

Fruitables introduce kids to alphabets and the world of healthy foods, making learning tasty and fun.

Enhanced Learning

Combining the sets offers a richer, more varied learning journey, blending artistic and educational play.

Skill Development

This bundle uniquely supports fine motor skills, strategic thinking, memory enhancement, and a foundation for healthy living.

Make Learning a Joyful, Colorful Adventure with the Go Color & Fruitables Bundle.

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As a parent, Color Pencil has been a delightful discovery, igniting my child’s imagination and providing endless hours of artistic exploration and joy

Margo P.

Go Color has unlocked a new level of creativity in my children. They love mixing and matching colors on different themes.

Jessica K.

The Vedic Math book are amazing. My child, who once dreaded math, now looks forward to the engaging and intuitive lessons.

Anita G.

My 5-year-old adores the Fruitables Card Games! The vibrant illustrations have made learning the alphabet a delightful experience.

Emma J.

Go Color has been a game-changer for our family playtime.

Mark T.

Fruitables is the perfect blend of fun and learning. As a preschool teacher, I’ve seen how it has enhanced my students’ memory and nutritional awareness.

David R.

Fruitables Card Games have been a delightful addition to our family’s learning resources.

Sophia M.

I never thought learning the alphabet could be so much fun until we found Fruitables.

Lauren B.

As a parent, finding educational games that truly engage children can be challenging, but Fruitables has hit the mark!

Michael D.

Every story in Quest Quill is a magical journey. My son is always excited for bedtime stories now.

Brian S.

This isn’t just a game for kids; even us adults find ourselves getting competitive!

Jason K.

I bought Fruitables for my kindergarten classroom, and it’s been a huge hit! The kids are always excited to play and learn.

Lisa R.

As a math enthusiast, I find the Vedic Math Learning Series absolutely fascinating.

Priya M.

Go Color is the perfect fusion of art and education. My kids can’t get enough of coloring and learning about different themes.

Omar N.

Go Color has become a fast favorite in our household. The kids are always excited to challenge each other and build their ‘houses’.

Maggie L.
Fruitables & GoColor by Color Pencil



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Savor the Alphabet in Every Bite! Engage your child’s senses and intellect with hours of nutritious fruits, vegetables and alphabet-learning fun.

Go Color


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Splash into Colorful Fun and Smart Play, Captivating Young Minds for Hours of Engaging Imagination through Strategic Game Play!